Who is Lord Shiva ?

Who Is Lord Shiva? 

“Who is lord Shiva”? Know all about him here

Lord Shiva, he is the supreme god. The Lord is the main God in the workshop of Pancha dev (5 God’s) because he is the only creator as well as the destroyer of our world. According to our Puranas and popular beliefs, Lord Shiva spent his life meditating in Kailash Parvat.

As we know

The Brahma is the creator

Who is lord shiva

The Vishnu is the preserver &

Who is lord shiva

The Lord Shiva is the both.

Who is lord shiva

Lord Shiva is the responsible for the change both the form of death & destruction (positive sense of destroyed the ego, the false identification with form)

 Attributes of Lord Shiva

  1. Trident represents the three gunas
  2. Snake shows he is beyond the power of death & posion or also stand for kundailni
  3. Two side of drum
  4. Vehicle of Lord Shiva is white bull, they called it (nandi)
  5. Shiva seated on a tiger skin or also wear a tiger skin.
  6. Shiva lives on mounth kailash on Himalayas.

Lord Shiva’s Family

Lord Shiva marry Parvati (Durga, Kali). After that they have 2 son & 1 daughter

  1. Kartikey
  2. Ganesh
  3. Ashoksundari

Who is lord shiva

 Festivals Of Lord Shiva

There is the main festival of lord shiva is “Mahashivratri”  which means the great night of Lord “Shiva” There is Shivaratri in every lunar month on the 13th/14th night but once a year in late winter (Feb/Mar).  Mahashivratri is a major Hindu festival.

On this night & on this festival people remembering Shiva, fasting, doing yoga & meditation. Another visit one of the Shiv temple or go on pilgrimages to jyotirlingam & shirines. They offer milk, fruit, flowers, fresh leaves & sweets to the lingam & ardent devotes keep awake all night. 

Who is lord shiva

“Shravan” is the 5th month in Hindu calendar. It comes after Chaitra, every day in the month of Shravan month is considered the auspicious. It believed that one can win the special grace of Lord Shiva during this holy month. 

Shravan Monday (som var) represented by the? moon, which is turn symbolizes mind. Moon is placed on Lord Shiva’s head, Lord believes to discipline the mind of the spiritual aspirant & devotees, that’s why Lord Shiva is specially worshipped on Monday.

Who is lord shiva

Amarnath’s cave 

When Parvati ask lord Shiva that why are u immortal & I keep dying again & again then Lord Shiva said due to Amar Katha.

To narrate the story Lord Shiva started looking for a lonely place that no living being can hear the Katha except Maa Parvati. So he finds Amarnath cave to reach there they left all his belonging.

His bull name (Nandi) at Pahalgam.

Who is lord shiva

His moon at Chandamwari.

Who is lord shiva

His snake (vasuki) at the banks of lake sheshnag.

Who is lord shiva

His son (Ganesh) at mahaguna parvat & at panjtare. 

Who is lord shiva

He left his element just to narrate the story to Parvati.

Some famous temple of lord Shiva. 

Kashi vishwanath (Varanasi, UP)

Who is lord shiva

Amarnath (Pahalgam, J&K)

Who is lord shiva

Somnath (Prabhas patan, Gujrat)

Who is lord shiva

Baidyanath (Deoghar, jharkhand)

Who is lord shiva


So, this is the answer to “Who is lord shiva”!








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    Waiting for more especially about the “mystery of Kailash Parvat” which is also connected to Lord Shiva and some divine mysteries.

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