A Trip To Heaven – Mount Kailash

Mount Kailash

mount Kailash

Let’s gain knowledge of mount Kailash. Read all about here and fulfil your interest.

The mountain is called as “Kailāsa” (कैलास) in Sanskrit name and  also could have been derived from the word “kelāsa” (केलास), which means “crystal

The mount Kailash is located near the source of 4 rivers such as the Indus river, the Sutlej river, Karnali river and the Brahmaputra river. Mount Kailash is located at the axis of the world which is also called Mundi axis by a different region

According to the Hindu Jain Buddhism mount Kailash connects the physical world to the spiritual world. Mount Kailash is also called as the mythical Meru Mountain, the spiritual axis of the world.



mount Kailash is the major region site for Hindu but its not for only Hindu also for three other religious  groups such as Jainism, Buddhism, and Bon


In Hinduism

Mount Kailash is the place of shiv, the god of gods where he sits along with his wife Parvati. described in the Vishnu Purana the four faces of mount Kailash made of lapis lazuli, crystal, ruby, and gold. And mount Kailash has been called the pillar of the world.

In Jainism

For the Jainism, the mount Kailash is known as Mount Meru. the Tirthankara, Rishabanatha attained moksha next to the mount Kailash Ashtapada, According to Jain scriptures.

In Buddhism

Vajrayana Buddhists believe that Mount Kailash is the home of the Buddha Cakrasamvara (also known as Demchok),  who represents supreme bliss.

In Bon

Native to Tibet, a religion Bon maintains that the Kailash and entire mystical. they said the nine-story swastika mountain, (mount Kailash) is the Axis Mundi


mount Kailash

(satellite view of the lake)

There are 2 lakes around Mount Kailash. one the left side of Mount Kailash the lake RAKSHASHTAL and on the right side the lake Mansarovar.  May these lakes are near to each other but they have a big difference like Mansarovar lake is beautiful with an emerald green colour at the centre and clear blue colour at the shores. The devotees take a dip in the lake in order to attain spiritual peace. On the other hand, the Rakshas Tal lake is very different from the Mansarovar lake as the taste of water is bitter and there a mysterious silence. Rakhshas Tal is consistently stormy. These two lakes are the symbol of the good and the bad.

Unclimbed peak


The world’s highest mountain is Mount Everest with 8,848 m. more than 4000 mountaineers climbed this mountain on the other hand Height of the mount Kailash is 6,638 m.  mount Kailash is an unclimbed peak in the world. many teams try to climb this peak but they fail because of so many reasons.  The Chinese government has now banned all mountaineering expeditions on Mount Kailash due to religious reasons.

people say they experience while scaled the mount Kailash.

  • mountain mysteriously changes target position and climber is left moving in the opposite direction instead of reaching the summit.
  • their nails and hairs grow fast.
  • compass, stop working
  • More radioactive.
  • heart beats very fast

Know more about Kailash

Referred as the “navel of the earth” this magnificent peak is nestled amidst mighty mountains in Tibet and remains adorned with snow all around the year. the epitome of different religions the peak appears as the almighty in concrete form. the Hindus workship it as an abode of Lord Shiva, the Jains consider it as a holy place linked with Guru Rishambartha, the Buddhists regard it as a land where Lord Budha embarked & the Bonpa tribes worship the site for there Guru Rimpoche. The holy mountains open toward four panoramic vistas & offer Breathtaking views.


The entire Parikrama of the peak entails 52 km. & demarcated into two distinct encircle – inner and outer.

The outer Parikrama is dotted with four monasteries wheres the inner Parikrama interwoven three monasteries along the journey. one can take the inner Parikrama after completing 13 or 21 outer Parikrama according to Tibetian beliefs.

The southern summit of Mount Kailash is also of religious importance as the Buddhists vision it as ‘nine stories Goompha’ and the Jains call it ‘mount Asthapada’.

 My understanding for mount Kailash is that I never articulate. 🙂


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